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Gain Buy Box share and maximize profit while avoiding price wars.​

The Game Theory Repricer - How It Works

Amazon Repricer

Seller Snap offers a Premium Solution for Amazon sellers by combining fully automated Repricing with Analytics and Business Intelligence.

Developed with Game Theory in mind, our AI Algorithmic Repricer will apply the optimum strategy for each individual listing maximizing profits while retaining a fair share of the Buy Box and avoiding price wars.

What is an Amazon Repricer?​​​

An Amazon Repricer is a software solution that automatically and repeatedly changes the price of an item you sell on Amazon, making sure you always remain competitive. In general terms, an Amazon Repricer can make automatic price changes to help you achieve your business goals such as gaining more Buy Box share, liquidating your inventory etc.

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An Algorithmic Repricer that thinks as a human seller

Almost all repricing solutions on the market from $10 a month to thousands of US$ advertise a repricing algorithm promising the moon and stars. As a matter of fact, almost any piece of code used to reprice on Amazon can be called an algorithm.

What we did at Seller Snap is design an algorithm to think as a real seller, detecting the behavior of a specific competitor and making price adjustments, tailored to outsmart that competitor.

Why is Game Theory the Best Amazon Repricer tactic?

Most professional sellers on Amazon use a repricing tool to make sure they remain competitive.

The popularity of rule-based repricers is dragging more and more sellers into aggressive price wars, killing profit margins for everyone. Applying game theory tactics allows for a more cooperative strategy, increasing profit and maintaining profit margins for all sellers on a listing.

Advanced Repricing Tools

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In addition to the automatic, state-of-the-art, Game Theory Repricer, Seller Snap offers advanced sellers the ability to take control of their repricing strategies, allowing the seller to fine tune individual listings in order to achieve their business goals.

A seller can choose to reprice based on a related ASIN, follow a specific competitor.

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Easy Setup

Seller Snap can automatically calculate your Min & Max prices based on cost and desired markup. We will collect all the necessary data from Amazon.​

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Automatic Repricer

Fully automated, AI powered Game Theory Amazon Repricer, guaranteeing the best possible performance. No setup is required to start repricing.

Analytics & Actionable Insights

Data driven insights help you to take control and focus on the issues that need your immediate attention.

Advanced Analytics & Business Intelligence​

By selecting any of our advanced analytics, our actionable insights table can be customized to each user's personal preference. They can act as a quick snapshot of how things are going with their listings overall, or allow users to see upfront which of their listings need attention. The insights can be chosen from any of our dozens of advanced analytics to offer a completely personalized and unique experience for each user.

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