• The Game Theory Repricer For Amazon Sellers

    Forget everything you’ve been told about algorithmic repricing and complex rules.

Repricing for professional Amazon sellers

Game Theory Repricing

Fully automated, proprietary AI powered Game Theory Repricer, guaranteeing the best possible performance no matter how the competition changes.

Condition Based Repricing

Setup specialized repricing conditions to automatically handle common repricing scenarios, such as Amazon joining the competition, or running low on fulfillable inventory, etc.

Take Control

In scenarios where you recognize it is critical to apply a specific rule (for example, reprice against a specific competitor) you can override our AI and apply your own personal experience.

“For me, Seller snap generates a lot more extra profits than it costs...” Many repricers now have what they call "algorithmic" repricing. Sure, that is a great name, but what does that mean? I have had many calls with the guys at Sellersnap and we have gone through all the strategies it uses, and I found it to be incredibly clever in how it detects what your competition is doing in order to optimize what you should do. Apart from all this, Sellersnap has amazing and super responsive support.
Matteo Lombardi Professional Amazon Seller
“Best of all worlds so far: easy to set up, smart pricing decisions, fair price…” I had tried Feedvisor, Appeagle, and others before I found Sellersnap. It’s got everything I need and nothing I don’t. I can put in as much information as I want, but it starts working with just a couple of basic parameters.
With Sellersnap I seem to get the best of all worlds so far: easy to set up, smart pricing decisions, fair price.
Andrew Tjernlund Multi-Million dollar Amazon Seller



Business Intelligence

Our dashboard contains all the data you need to optimize your repricing and measure the performance of any repricing method. View trends in your key metrics for any item such as revenue, profit, BuyBox share, Average BuyBox price and more.

Real time Amazon synchronization

We continuously synchronize with your Amazon store so the data you see is always up to date. You can synchronize any of your other data points with our easy to use API without having deal with the complexities of Amazon directly.

Clear performance visibility

Repricing performance is easy to evaluate, with your most valuable repricing analytics such as BuyBox share, revenue, orders and sales velocity available at-a-glance.

Integration and Connectivity

Connect to our API to update your costs, min/max price, or any other important field. Pull analytics, orders, fees, competition and more into any other system you are using. Data can be imported/exported thru the UI or automatically over FTP. Need another connection? Let us know!

Quick and easy setup

We collect all of the necessary data from Amazon, including your listings, inventory, orders and fees. All you need to do is set your minimum and maximum selling price to start repricing. Anything else you want to setup just adds to your analytic power!

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