Private Label Repricing for Amazon

Selling Private Label products on Amazon can be very profitable, but knowing how to reprice them is challenging.
SELLER SNAP introduces a simple and effective tool to help you automate the repricing process of Private Label products.

ASIN Tracking

    • Specify an ASIN your Private Label product is competing with (a reference ASIN).
    • Define how you want to be priced, compared to that ASIN.

Our system will automatically change your price as the price of the reference ASIN changes on Amazon.


You are selling your own private label Apple power adapter and you are competing on price with Apple’s original power adapter.

Specify the ASIN for the original power adapter and set your desired price difference (e.g 15% cheaper than original product).

As the Buy Box price for the Apple power adapter changes, we will automatically update your price to maintain the 15% discount you specified.

Demand Based Pricing (Coming Soon!)

Repricing based on product demand, to achieve your optimal price for profit is a real challenge.
We are in the process of developing an automatic, AI-powered repricer that will study the sales performance of your product and make price adjustments, testing their effect on sales and profit.