A New Repricing Feature by Amazon

Amazon has launched a new beta feature, ‘Sold by Amazon’ (SBA), available for brand owners and third-party sellers. Recently, Amazon’s pricing policies have received a lot of unwanted attention due to apparent anti-trust concerns.

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BlackFriday Repricing Strategies

With BlackFriday right around the corner there are some important strategic moves you may want to focus on in order to have a successful sales season, and set your store up for a great upcoming year.

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What is Game Theory Repricing on Amazon?

You are probably familiar with the term Game Theory, but do you know what it actually means?
Read on, because you will quickly understand the advantages of this mathematical concept, or AI Repricing on Amazon, to sellers.

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repricing for private label sellers

Smart Repricing For Private Label Sellers

When selling your own brand on Amazon you are competing with similar or even identical products but with a different ASIN. You probably need repricing for private label sellers because, there is no Buy Box to win, but you still have very strong competition.

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Game Theory Amazon Repricer imange

The difference between Average Buy Box winning price and Average price

Evaluating the performance of a repricing software is not an easy task. There are many factors that affect the bottom line – revenue, sold items and profit.
When looking at some of the more common metrics such as buy box share, average price, and revenue, it is important to understand what these numbers tell you about the effectiveness of your repricing software.

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Buy Box and positive feedback…how important is it really?

Many sellers believe that the positive feedback score and the number of total ratings are highly influential in determining who will win the all important Buy Box.
The reality is, Amazon’s algorithm considers a vast amount of parameters and data, most of which is unknown or unavailable to the 3rd party sellers. Very often there seems to be little importance to who has the higher rating.

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Buy Box price wars on Amazon

The Amazon marketplace is becoming increasingly competitive, with professional 3rd party sellers using a variety of repricing solutions to gain the edge over other sellers (including Amazon themselves).

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