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Business Intelligence &
Amazon Seller Analytics

Make informed business decisions based on real-time data.

Most Important Metrics at a Glance.

See How Well Each SKU is Performing

How Well Are Your Products Selling?

See changes in revenue and profit, and track your sales velocity for each individual listing to clearly identify your best and worst performing products.

Who Are Your Competitors?

See the current Buy Box price, your Buy Box share and a breakdown of your competitors by FBA, FBM & SFP. Identify which listings are competing against Amazon.

What Are Your Inventory Levels?

Track your inventory levels to understand when you are running low on stock and how soon you should re-order products.

See inventory age and avoid long-term storage fees.

Actionable Insights & Customizable Reports

The more data you have, the bigger the challenge to make sense of it all…

Seller Snap Premium provides advanced data tools to create your own data-driven insights and reports, helping you focus on the issues that are most critical to your business.

Seller Snap Premium comes with a few handy insights, ready to use out of the box:
Revenue Drop

See which listings generated less revenue this week than the week before.

Listings without competitors

Consider repricing based on related ASIN.

Buy box below MIN price

Lower your min price to gain Buy Box share.

Create your own custom reports and actionable insights, using any of the filters and data points available.