AI Game Theory Repricer

Self-learning intelligent repricing, inspired by Game Theory principles.​

Repricing on Amazon with Game Theory​

The Game Theory approach to repricing on Amazon is the only way to guarantee you are always optimally priced for profit, under the specific competitive circumstances for each product you sell.

Fully automatic

 Designed to think as a real seller, the repricer will study the competition Makes price changes when it needs to …


Selling on Amazon is a “game” with multiple players all trying to get their share. This will often cause aggressive price changes, destroying profit margins. Our AI powered Game Theory Repricer detects competitor behavior and automatically applies the best strategy for the specific situation, maximizing profit while avoiding price wars. ​

Fast repricing

making the most of Amazon’s API to make price changes as fast as every 2 minutes

How It Works?

Advanced Repricing Tools

In addition to Seller Snap’s advanced AI repricer there is also a comprehensive set of repricing tools for advanced sellers.

  • User defined repricing rules – Set your price to match the lowest FBA seller, match the current buy box price, ignore back ordered sellers and more…

  • Aggressive “Win Buy Box” algorithm – Set the automatic repricer to try and get 100% Buy Box share at the best possible price. NOTE: This is very different from AI Game Theory Repricing. Rather than sharing the Buy Box at the best price, this will aggressively price down, if necessary, to win the Buy Box and in most cases will result in a price war while still not getting more than a 50% Buy Box share.

  • Follow the price of a specific seller – You can choose to set your price based on the price of another competitor by specifying their seller ID.

  • Follow the price of a related (different) ASIN – This is particularly useful for products that don’t have competition for the Buy Box (such as Private Label items). The repricer will automatically change the price of your listing any time the related ASIN changes price.

You can tell the repricer to change its repricing strategy based on when a certain condition is met.

  • Specific competitor is on the listing – Example: Set a different repricing method when competing with Amazon.|

  • Amazon FBA Repricer – Set a repricing method based on the existence of other FBA sellers on the listing. If you are an FBA seller, you can choose to match the lowest FBA price if a number of other FBA sellers are competing for the Buy Box. 

  • Buy Box is suppressed – Set a preferred repricing method when Amazon suppress the Buy Box.

  • Fulfillable Quantity – Set the repricer to increase price when your inventory drops below a threshold.

  • Time of Day – Change the repricing during specific hours or days of the week.

You can define the minimum number of items you want to sell in a given time frame and the repricer will automatically start reducing price if this goal isn’t met. As sales velocity starts to increase the repricer will increase price to maximize profit.

Sales Velocity Driven Repricing

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