Easy Set Up​

Setting up a repricing solution can be complicated and time consuming. Seller Snap has made every effort to make this process as quick and easy as possible.

Repricing on Amazon with Game Theory​

The Game Theory approach to repricing on Amazon is the only way to guarantee you are always optimally priced for profit, under the specific competitive circumstances for each product you sell.

Amazon Repricing Tools

All the repricer needs in order to start repricing, are your min and max prices for each listing. No additional settings or configurations are required.

SellerSnap Amazon Repricing Tools

You can set your min and max price in the dashboard or upload in bulk, using a CSV file. Premium users can also use our open API to upload min and max prices, costs and more.

Alternatively, you can provide Seller Snap with your cost and desired markup and the system will automatically calculate your min and max  prices, taking your cost and Amazon fees into account. The system will automatically update your min and max  prices whenever there is a change in costs or Amazon fees.

After setting your min and max prices, all you need to do is choose which listings you want to reprice and sit back while Seller Snap’s Game Theory Repricer automatically starts adjusting your pricing to maximize profit.

How It Works?

Start repricing today with The Game Theory Amazon Repricer