Live Analytics​

See how well your store is performing.​

Store Overview

Amazon Repricer Software

Most Important Metrics at a Glance​

  • Get your overall orders, revenue and profit during the last 7 and 30 days.
  • See how many active listings you currently have and how many of them are being repriced.
  • See the trend in your numbers when compared to the previous period.

Business Intelligence

See How Well Any Product is Selling​

  • Measure performance of a single listing, a category, compare FBA to FBM etc.
  • Use filters to slice the data any way you need.
  • Easily update costs, Min/Max selling price and activate repricing.
Amazon Seller Analytics

Actionable Insights

Data driven insights help you focus on the issues that need your immediate attention.
The more data you have, the bigger the challenge to make sense of it all. With all the available filters, data points, and views you can create your own actionable insights, allowing you to focus on mission critical aspects of your business.

Out Of The Box Insights

Seller Snap Premium comes with a few handy insights ready to use out of the box. You can also create your own insights, tailored to your specific business needs.

Listings without competitors

You are the only seller currently offering these products on Amazon. Consider repricing based on related ASIN

Buy Box below Min price

You don’t have a competitive offer for these listings and might want to lower your Min price.

Listings selling at Max price

These listings are selling at their Max price. You might want to consider increasing your Max price to gain more profit.

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