Harness the power of the most advanced Amazon Repricer in the market

Game Theory Tactics

Selling on Amazon is a “game” with multiple players all trying to get their share – In Game Theory, this is a Non-Cooperative game.
Where you can’t control how your competitors make pricing decisions we study what your competitors do. The AI powered Game Theory Repricer detects competitor behavior and automatically applies the best strategy for the specific situation.
This approach to repricing on Amazon is the only way to guarantee you are always optimally priced for profit, under the specific competitive circumstances of each product you sell.

Take Control

In situations where you feel the Artificial Intelligence Repricer is not making the right price decisions for you, you can always switch to any one of our alternative (more basic) repricing methods that are “Rule Based” and include rules such as “Match lowest FBA”, “Match BuyBox Price” and more.

Set Repricing Conditions

You can tell our repricer to automatically react if a specific condition is met.
This includes inventory level dropping below your predefined threshold, a specific seller competing with you on the ASIN, Buy Box being suppressed by Amazon or you not being Buy Box eligible on the ASIN.
For example you can set our repricer to automatically stop trying to win the Buy Box while Amazon are competing on your listing.